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Monday, July 07, 2008


“We are entering a period of consequences”
Al Gore, winner of Nobel Peace Prize - 2007.

As we know the affects of GLOBAL WARMING, warming that occurs as a result of a drastic increase in the emissions of green house gases, had started all over the world. Increased temperature level, melting of ice near the poles, slowing down of oceanic currents which foremost required for natural cooling system, hurricanes in many new areas of the world, heat waves, extraordinary rains and the list continues.

Even some affects of global warming is not visible or we can’t assess it like species going vanished due to rising temperature, increased sea level, more earthquakes and volcanic eruptions etc.

From last two weeks I am watching CNN’s ‘Going Green’ programmes. One thing I come to know is the big donation towards global warming is by America, the so called big brother of nations. USA produces more than 33% of world’s total production of long lived greenhouse gas Carbon Dioxide (CO2). Its current carbon lowering targets are lesser than the China. It is the user of 30% of worlds petroleum products output. Still, it is blaming India and China for the current crisis of fuel and food shortage.

Nations like China, European countries and our own Indian political leaders are blaming one another for current situation, without agreeing to the common interests.

In India, till this date, medias are not started any programmes which may create awareness among the general public. Political leaders were busy with calculating their sources of votes. We, the people concerned more about increased rates, food shortages rather than the causes for such problems.

So, the question is “what we can do to lower the global warming?”

If you have watched CNN’s programme, you would have already started lowering your ‘carbon footprint’, the term used in that programme. It includes mainly reducing usage of energy, which is generated using fossil fuels and using energy generated through solar or wind power. Energy from such sources generates green house gases.

Some simple points which I suggest you and to me to follow;

1. Using public transport than your personal vehicles.
2. Saving electricity whenever and wherever possible.
3. Plant a tree and taking care of it.
4. Creating awareness among all your friends and beloved ones.

I already started following above ones and still finding new ways of reducing my carbon footprint.

Even after experiencing affects of global warming, some people are not concerned about it. I know that, in this case, even if America reduces its production of greenhouse gases and other nations not, affect is on both. It requires union of boundaries, religion, race and colour.

What you say?


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