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Sunday, October 05, 2008


Following are the some of the steps you can take for securing your internet connection from the hackers. I tried some of this on different modems having different software setup.

For setting up, open internet explorer, type your modem’s ip address. (Generally . If you not sure about the ip number, open your computer’s network connection properties.Then, Inernet protocol(TCP/IP) properties. The default gateway number is your modem’s ip address.

1. Change your modem or router administration password immediately. Make modem administration password long and strong (At least 10-15 chars with a healthy mix of uppercase & lowercase letters, numbers, special characters, etc.)

2. Change your broadband password as well. Change broadband password on a regular basis.

3. Change the private LAN IP of wireless router from default ( to something else such as (Always keep the last digit as '1')

4. Disable remote configuration feature of your modem. If possible, make modem access control from one fixed IP Address.

5. Disable DHCP server option of the modem, which disables automatic IP address generating for connected computers.

6. You can disable SSID broadcast. (Disabling hides wan network from the active scans)

7. Important for WAN: Set the options in WAN or WIRELESS SECURITY setup in your modem as follows;

Network authentication method: WPA-PSK or OPEN

WEP Encryption: Enabled

Data encryption: AES method (if available)

Specify a network key (WEP key) to authenticate wireless network with a random alpha-numeric pass-phrase. Prepare different keys for permanent users and for guests.

Wep Key Generator site address:

8. After setting all these, save and reboot your modem.

There is no security that cannot be hacked. But these steps enable your modem to restrict unauthorised entrance to internet through your modem.

Monday, July 07, 2008


“We are entering a period of consequences”
Al Gore, winner of Nobel Peace Prize - 2007.

As we know the affects of GLOBAL WARMING, warming that occurs as a result of a drastic increase in the emissions of green house gases, had started all over the world. Increased temperature level, melting of ice near the poles, slowing down of oceanic currents which foremost required for natural cooling system, hurricanes in many new areas of the world, heat waves, extraordinary rains and the list continues.

Even some affects of global warming is not visible or we can’t assess it like species going vanished due to rising temperature, increased sea level, more earthquakes and volcanic eruptions etc.

From last two weeks I am watching CNN’s ‘Going Green’ programmes. One thing I come to know is the big donation towards global warming is by America, the so called big brother of nations. USA produces more than 33% of world’s total production of long lived greenhouse gas Carbon Dioxide (CO2). Its current carbon lowering targets are lesser than the China. It is the user of 30% of worlds petroleum products output. Still, it is blaming India and China for the current crisis of fuel and food shortage.

Nations like China, European countries and our own Indian political leaders are blaming one another for current situation, without agreeing to the common interests.

In India, till this date, medias are not started any programmes which may create awareness among the general public. Political leaders were busy with calculating their sources of votes. We, the people concerned more about increased rates, food shortages rather than the causes for such problems.

So, the question is “what we can do to lower the global warming?”

If you have watched CNN’s programme, you would have already started lowering your ‘carbon footprint’, the term used in that programme. It includes mainly reducing usage of energy, which is generated using fossil fuels and using energy generated through solar or wind power. Energy from such sources generates green house gases.

Some simple points which I suggest you and to me to follow;

1. Using public transport than your personal vehicles.
2. Saving electricity whenever and wherever possible.
3. Plant a tree and taking care of it.
4. Creating awareness among all your friends and beloved ones.

I already started following above ones and still finding new ways of reducing my carbon footprint.

Even after experiencing affects of global warming, some people are not concerned about it. I know that, in this case, even if America reduces its production of greenhouse gases and other nations not, affect is on both. It requires union of boundaries, religion, race and colour.

What you say?


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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Confused with Death and Life


When I started typing this I was in dilemma about the title it should hold. Because, in the world all people are not thinking about the death and life, giving importance to life belonging.

Don’t come into fast decision that I am a missionary or an old man who is not enjoying life. No, not am giving importance to death or life, but to my Life’s properties.

This all thoughts came into mind, when I lost a good friend or a good man last week. He was working in computer supplies firm. When he was came to our firm, where I previously worked as manager, he was little shy and having little communication problem. But he was with sparking eyes, speaks little and that is also looking directly into my eyes, still I remember that.

Before contacting this computer firm, we dealt with many firms and people who show honesty in their marketing tongues and not in professional actions. This man is totally different. Though he had provided with full independence by his Boss, he was more than 100% honest in fixing the supply and service charges, providing timely services, giving dependable and legible information regarding our IT requirements.

As computer field having feature of rapid innovations like its processor speed,
if he does not know the information, he accepts it immediately, but providing the information very next day without waiting for my call. I was experienced this many times, when I was dealing with him.

Even when I purchased some items for my personal use, he supplied it with the same rates as he was doing to our firm.

I introduced him to my friends and some other firms, from there also he got good words for his service. They all liked his way of dealing with the people and efficient prompt service.

I don’t know how he is with the family and local neighbourhood. But I am sure he was liked by them all.

Before three week back I met him. We speak about our future career as I already changed my job. He told his dreams and wishes which sounds still in my ear.

He left his worth life because of careless driving of a drunkard man.

Though he was a passenger, who traveled for a short period with me in my life train which travels from life to death, he was a person whom I will remember still my last stop.
What I advice myself and to all that, we should think about death first, than our life, than our life properties, belongings, family and everything for which we work hard.

But I don’t know how it is?

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I completed Management Programme offered by IGNOU within 3years leading to MBA in Human resource management. I did a project work on Management Information System in Human Resource Management, with respect to a famous education organisation.

Now I am joining, Post Graduate Certificate course in Cyber Law offered by IGNOU as i am working as System Administrator.

Now question is having job period of 9 to 10 hours, how I managed to pass all these high standard exams which counted to 20. I followed a system, which increases your confidence to write the exams. I want to say following points for study;

1. First improved my reading and writing speed in english language as I studied in
Kannada medium.

2. Daily one hour study, half an hour in the morning and half an hour during night.

3. During holidays and Sundays 3 to 4 hours study.

4. For assignment works, visiting library in the evenings.

5. Complete dedication for study.

6. Managing work, family, friends and my personal needs.

This was my practice for three years towards mba study. Any one can pass IGNOU exams if they have determination and commitment.